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A true Custom Touch for your prized American Standard Telecaster. New Genuine Fender® for American Standard® Guitars Telecaster® / Esquire® Vintage Type "Pat.Pend." Bridge with Hybrid Notches on the Upper & Lower Flanges and a set of Custom Fitted "Angle Compensated" Solid Brass Saddles. This Hybrid Bridge gives you the Best Balance between Picking Clearance and Classic Tele® Tone. This is a Standard Fender® 50's Style “Pat.Pend.” Chrome Bridge that is drilled with an extra set of “String Thru” Holes that permit this Bridge to be retro-fitted to the Fender® American Standard® and American Deluxe® Guitars. To install this Bridge, you will be required to drill (4) new Bridge-Mounting holes in the body of your guitar. You can easily use the Bridge Plate as a Template for these holes. The original (3) Mounting Holes will be completely covered by this new Bridge. The Screw Spread Dimension is 2-9/16" center to center to the (2) outer-most holes. The NEW String Spread Dimension is adjusted to the American Standard 2-1/16 inches "E" to "E". The Bridge Plate is modified by "Notching" the Upper and Lower Flanges for right hand picking clearance near the Bridge Pickup. This Mod eliminates the parts of the bridge that you've been catching your pick on, or banging your knuckles on, but keeps as much of the “Tone Ring” as possible to maintain that Classic Tele® sound. The Notched-Areas are then polished mirror smooth to match the rest of the bridge plate before the Bridge is assembled. I then add a set of Custom Fitted 3-pc. "Angle Compensated" Premium Smooth Brass Saddles. These Saddles have the intonation screw drilled at a slight angle. They allow proper intonation of your Tele's® vintage style three saddle bridge by angling the saddles and establishing the proper string length on all six strings. This is not possible with a stock set of "Straight" Saddles because most often you would need to adjust the saddle to a point halfway between the two perfect settings for each of the strings on that saddle. With the "Angle Compensated" Saddles, that Compromise is minimized or not necessary at all. The center saddle of this set is then Custom Ground so the string elevations can match your Fretboard Radius and the proper angle is ground on the ends so these saddles fit beside each other better with minimal interference (see photo). These saddles offer a True Vintage Look and Sound with the appeal of Dramatically improved intonation.


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